Windsor Party Buses - Price

Find out how affordable it is to get a party bus for your event.


We know the first thing you noticed is that there isn't any prices listed. You are probably are wondering why we don't have it posted. There are lots of factors that go into the price of a party bus. We want you to get the best deal possible so the best way to find out the price is to call us.

One of the first factors that affect the price is the number of passengers you need to accommodate for. It decides on which vehicle you will need since each bus holds a maximum amount of passengers. Those buses that hold more, are more expensive because of the size and everything that it holds.

Another important factor is certain times. We have a peak time from spring to the end of summer where the price of the bus will be a little higher than the rest of the year. That is also how it is when you reserve on a holiday. Holidays are very busy so if you are thinking about renting a bus then, call way before to ensure you'll get a party bus. Fridays and Saturdays are priced a little higher than the rest of the week.

So if you are looking for the cheapest time to rent a party bus, it would be fall to early spring on a weekday or Sunday. Calling us will allow for you to get the best deal possible. We may be running a special and you wouldn't know unless you gave us a call. Our customer service agents are available to answer you phone calls for any questions you have or to book your reservation. Call us when the time is right for you.